Middle and High School students can't read cursive!  They are unable to read teacher's assignments or comments on their papers.  Historical documents, reading letters from Grandma, family love letters are lost to this generation.  Cursive writers score higher on SAT and AP tests and become quick note takers.  They have a personal signature.  They call this generation the Cursive illiterate!

is a quick instructional guide for teachers.  A script introducing like strokes from the easiest to most difficult.  NOT alphabetical.  Each day's lesson includes a review of yesterday's letter, the introduction of a new letter, samples of what to do and what NOT to do and a daily assignment.  It is filled with the teaching tips gleaned over Linda Corson's thirty-five years of teaching the subject.

This method works because students build words from the third day so connecting strokes are learned naturally and effortlessly.  It takes only 10 minutes of instruction a day for 56 days and you have fostered proficient cursive writers.  It requires no workbooks, just a pencil, lined paper, this book and a KID!

"Teaching Cursive!  This Method Works"
Copyright 2009 Linda L. Corson
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